Debtor Secured Loans

Startup invoice finance offers fast working capital by advancing funds against outstanding B2B invoices. The lender secures the loan using your company’s outstanding debtors, making it ideal for new businesses with B2B sales invoices to access working capital. Lenders may also request a limited PG for confidence.

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What are the advantages of Start Up Unsecured Loans?

Ongoing fast access to funding

Invoice Factoring allows you to leverage your sales ledger to improve cash flow, or release funds to invest in new opportunities.

  • Access up to 90% of invoice value
  • Receive funds typically within 24 hours
  • As your debtor book rises, so does the amount of cash you can realise

I spend too much time on credit control

When you use our Invoice Factoring services, we can take over management of your credit control which frees up time and resource to focus on your business priorities.

  • No need to chase payments
  • We’ll manage collections sensitively and professionally
  • Support from a specialist Invoice Finance Client Manager

I want to protect my business against bad debt

Our Invoice Factoring service, combined with our Debtor Protection service, can mitigate against the impact of late or non-payment from your customers, whether they are in the UK or overseas.

  • We offer Invoice Factoring for both UK and overseas debt, in a range of different currencies
  • With our experienced team managing collection, you’ll reduce the risk of late payment
  • You’ll also have access to our Debtor Protection service for further protection against non-payment