Recruitment Finance

Recruitment invoice finance provides significant benefits for staffing agencies. It allows them to access funds quickly by releasing the value of their unpaid invoices. This helps improve cash flow and ensures timely payment of wages and other operational expenses.

Additionally, recruitment invoice finance reduces the burden of credit control and collections, as the finance provider handles these tasks. It enables staffing agencies to focus on business growth, client acquisition, and providing quality service to their clients and candidates.

Recruitment Finance Key Features and Benefits

  Faster access to cash
Invoice Discounting provides you with quick access to the cash tied up in your unpaid sales invoices. Rather than waiting for your customers to pay, you can receive up to 90% of your sales invoice value upfront, usually within 24 hours.

  Debtors act as collateral
This can provide directors with peace of mind, as they can obtain the financing they need to support their business growth, without pledging their personal assets as collateral. The lender places a lien on the company’s outstanding debts.

  Borrowing flexibility
Invoice discounting is a flexible financing solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. The more your debtor book grows, the more cash you can generate.

Invoice Discounting is a confidential financing arrangement. The lender doesn’t notify your debtor about their involvement, so you can continue to maintain your customer relationships and manage your own credit control processes.

  Optional bad debt insurance
Adding optional bdp protects cash flow, mitigates credit risk, provides access to credit checks and debt recovery services, and safeguards your cash flow from the impact of bad debts. You can customise and choose which debtors to cover.

  Improved liquidity
Invoice discounting can improve business liquidity by converting unpaid invoices into cash which can be invested to make the business more competitive.


Invoice Finance is for businesses looking to boost cash flow by borrowing against their outstanding sales invoices

  You must have a minimum turnover of £50,000 per annum for Invoice Factoring

  You must have a minimum turnover of £250,000 per annum for Invoice Discounting

  You must sell business-to-business and on credit terms.