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Stock Finance

Release working capital tied up in your stock whilst you still retain ownership of it

Stock finance tends to be used as a 30-90 day revolving facility to enable access to cash as and when a business needs it. In practice, the borrower uses a lender's funds in order to purchase stock to sell. With Stock Finance you will be able to borrow a pre-agreed percentage of the total value of your stock, including finished goods, raw materials and work in progress. Alongside an invoice finance facility, stock finance is an excellent asset-based lending package to leverage your businesses assets effectively.


How Does Stock Finance Work?


As with many types of asset financing, the exact amount you will be able to borrow will depend on the value of stock you are currently holding and how easily it can be converted back into cash – typically the greater the level of stock, the greater the amount of money will be available to you. It is common for lenders to request a stock valuation to be carried out by an independent third party before any agreement is finalised. Once the lending facility is in place, you will be required to provide the lender with your monthly or weekly stock inventory; the level of funding provided to you will be based upon those stock values and will, therefore, increase or decrease accordingly.


Main Stock Finance Benefits


• Releases working capital from stock to improve cashflow

• It allows you to build up stock when you need it

• Available funding increases as your stock value increases

• No fixed repayments, so you repay as you sell your stock

• Flexible borrowing, especially when combined with invoice finance

• Being able to place bulk orders allows you to negotiate discounts

• Helps businesses with seasonal fluctuations or high levels of stock


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