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We excel in developing intelligent business funding solutions to improve future cash flow, profits growth and business expansion.


As a business funding broker, we provide free, impartial advice to businesses that want to benefit from a plethora of business funding knowledge, know-how and expertise.


Working with you, we use our entrepreneurial and financial skills to understand your funding needs and then we work with our high street banks and specialist lenders to put your tailored finances into place for you.

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Business Equipment Leasing

Benefit from the immediate use of new or used equipment without the large upfront cost

Leasing is a way for your business to have access to equipment, without having to buy it. With leasing the bank purchases the equipment on your behalf, and then charges you a monthly rent for the use of it. At the end of the lease agreement you can decide whether to return the asset, extend your lease or buy it. If you return the asset, you can then start a new lease agreement with the latest new equipment.


Leasing Improves Business Productivity


Leasing gives your business access to the equipment, vehicles, plant and technology it needs to perform and grow, without compromising cash flow. With the latest new equipment, your business will have a productivity edge over competitors still working with older, less efficient assets. On the other hand, if your business tends to keep equipment for many years without a loss of efficiency, then you may find that hire purchase is right for you instead.


Advantages of a Finance Lease:


• You can regularly upgrade high value equipment that quickly outdates

• Leaves the risk of asset depreciation and final value with the lender

• Affordable way to access assets without significant upfront costs

• Retain the freedom to return, extend the lease or purchase at the end

• You avoid the responsibility of owning a depreciating business asset

• Interest can be offset against profit and VAT can be reclaimed


Leasing is Ideal for Businesses that:


• Need to upgrade valuable working assets on a regular basis

• Want to fix the costs of using the latest technology to stay ahead

• Wish to refinance existing assets to release cash to improve cashflow

• Require assets now without significant upfront cashflow disruption

• Don't want the hassle of disposing of assets no longer required


For a free no obligation finance lease quote, please call 01242 250 000, or fill out the form at the top of this page and we will contact you. We are a broker so you will receive quality impartial advice from us.

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