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Invoice Finance

How Can Invoice Finance Benefit Your Business?

Invoice finance allows your business to release up to 90% of the total funds tied up in your unpaid sales invoices within 24 hours of raising them, so that you can immediately access the cash that would otherwise be tied up in your debtors.


How Can We Help You?

We would use our extensive invoice finance expertise to source the best value and most suitable lender for your business. We only recommend lenders that are transparent with their contracts and offer the best levels of service and support in the industry. In addition, our clients can expect our lenders best service and rates due to the director level relationships we have with all our recommended lenders.


Why Use Our Services?

In the main, there are 2 different types of invoice finance being Factoring and Invoice Discounting. We can advise you on which type of invoice finance would best suit your business and also recommend which lender is best qualified to meet your individual needs. In addition, by using our services you would benefit from the strong relationship we have built up with our chosen lenders over the years, so you would be very well looked after.


Main Invoice Finance Benefits

• Quickly and easily release working capital to fund your business

• Permanent source of finance that keeps pace with your sales growth

• Limit Director PG's to a fraction of the total amount borrowed

• Easy to secure and releases more funds than a bank overdraft

• Factoring - lender will manage your sales ledger and credit control

• Confidential Invoice Discounting - your customers will not know that you are using invoice finance


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